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Templari nelle Marche B&B

A quiet oasis to relax and recharge yourself with positive vibes


The Bed & Breakfast

Templari nelle Marche is what we named a thirteenth century ancient Preceptory, in San Filippo de Plano, next to a church built by Templar Knights.
The whole building has been built using wooden beams and ancient original broad bricks.
These bricks have been dismantled,  cleared up and then used again to rebuild the walls of the house. On the wooden roof you can admire the ancient cleaned up hollow flat tiles. We used cork on the interior walls as a thermal insulation.


B&B Templari nelle Marche has clean, fully tiled, beautifully appointed shower room ensuite.  Comfy new beds and bedding. Central heating throughout. Individual entry keys, so you can come and go as you like.  All rooms have views over surrounding countryside B&B Templari nelle Marche  is a non-smoking household throughout. Breakfast is included in price. All parking provided next door. Quiet location. Breakfast, which is served in the garden (during the summer) from 8.00am - 9.30am , comprises deliciously local fresh homemade food.



Double bed east-west oriented, shower room ensuite.
Lan connection, private entrance from the garden


Double bed north-south oriented. shower room ensuite.
Lan connection, private entrance from the garden



Single room max 80€

breakfast included
Double room max 100€

breakfast included



In ancient times churches were built on particular places where the energy of the earth also allowed healing from diseases. These places are still called High Places.

The discipline that studies these properties is called Geobiology, a science that studies the influence of telluric energies, especially of a specific place, on living organisms, men, animals and plants….

The church of San Filippo de 'Plano is an example of High Place, known since ancient times (Galli Piceni V century BC). To learn more, and to know the recent surveys carried out, read the book "San Filippo de 'Plano, a Templar church in Osimo", available free of charge for those who stay at least two nights at the B&B Templari in the Marche.



Tel. +39 339 7287252

Via Commenda 2, 
Osimo, (AN) 60027


Driving from north
(Highway Bologna- Ancona)
Exit Ancona Nord, take the free highway to Roma, drive until Jesi Centro.
Leaving the highway  turn left and follow S. Maria Nuova,  Filottrano.
When you reach the roundabout,  turn left to Osimo.
The road goes uphill: at the top of the hill, turn right to Osimo.
When you get to the valley floor, turn left to Osimo: Jesina street.
After 5 km, you will see the sign “Osimo”. After 1 km on your left a building “Consorzio di Bonifica”.
Immediately after that Via della Commenda ( and a yellow sign “Osimanello”).
Drive uphill for about 500 meters , as soon as you get to the church San Filippo  the house is in front of you.

Driving from south
(Highway Pescara- Bologna)
Exit Loreto. Drive along  Adriatica highway n 16 until Loreto stazione.
Take Jesina street along the valley floor (following the signs to Osimo) to Villa Musone, Acquaviva, (keep on the valley floor, don’t drive up to Castelfidardo) Campocavallo, Padiglione, Casenuove.
Go beyond Casenuove to the cemetery and drive for 2 more km until the yellow sign “Osimanello”on your right.
Drive uphill for about 500 meters , as soon as you get to the church San Filippo  the house is in front of you.



As presented in the statutes of Templars Route European Federation, the “association aims to bring together the territories and institutions of the member states of the Council of Europe, representing these territories (states, departments, intercommunalities, municipalities, associations, …) which were impacted by the presence of the Templars”.


Maura P.

Priceless! Wonderful b&b, peaceful, with no wifi and TV (fantastic) and a special energy all around and mainly in the little church, thanks to the river which pass under the property and the fountain where you can get the happy water.
Delicious breakfast thanks to Sara and Alberto. Alberto also wrote a few very interesting books about the place and the territory around it
I wish I could live there!



We chose this ancient Templar site, San Filippo de'Plano, as a meeting point for our activities, reminding how, eight hundred years ago a selected group of Knights had planned a renewal of humanity.
It is good to dream of these Knights of God, unable to surrender to the wickedness and adversity of life.

From these principles we conceived the idea of ​​"La Cucina dei Templari" which collects products that can be connected to the ancient Templar site of San Filippo de 'Plano.

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